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Soft Skills


Who should attend?

  • All personnel with financial responsibilities in manufacturing, production or other capital-intensive companies
  • Sales people and service providers

 So what is Advanced Financial Decision Making?

A two-day learning experience in which teams are challenged to boost productivity and profitability through better teamwork, communication and coordination.

In Decision Base,,participants learn to better utilize financial statements and financial ratios as planning tools to boost productivity and profitability. It is designed to make key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization

 The simulation flow is

  • Setting the scene: understanding the challenges the business faces
  • Ten annual business cycles –making decisions on
  • Invest now… or later
  • Pursue all markets… or just a few?
  • Take the lead… or be an early follower?
  • Borrow money… or earn it first?
  • Stick to the basics… or pursue the cutting edge?

 Through the simulation, participants learn how:

  • To make decisions about products, services production methods and markets
  • To build and use cross-functional insight and explore the complex nature of inter-departmental financial relationships
  • To make the right investment at the right time
  • To use key financial ratios and other measures, such as
  • Return on assets
  • Return on equity
  • Cash flow
  • Cost of capital
  • Capacity utilization
  • EVA


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

02 Days